Before you throw away your stacks of real books and switch to online reading only, you should know that there is research concerning the positive things about hard copy books. Today, many individuals are focused on getting rid of the clutter in their homes, leading to only reading books on electronic devices. But there are many reasons to keep paper books in your home.

Benefit 1: Improving Your Writing Skills

By reading real paper books, you and your children can improve your writing skills. When you or your child hold a book rather than an electronic device, you will spend more time looking at the sentence structure and punctuation, helping with writing technical papers or your own fictional stories.

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Benefit 2: Reducing Your Stress Levels (And Money Spent)

If you are feeling stressed at home or work, then you can quickly pick up a real book to read a few pages. It is also possible to keep an assortment of books in your vehicle to read while waiting for your children at school or while waiting for your turn at a physician’s office. Real hard copy books are available at low prices at garage sales and flea markets, but you can also borrow the items at a local library. However, you probably can’t afford to have multiple electronic devices for your family, and the price of an average eBook is on the rise, to the point that they are becoming more expensive the hard copies. That’s an expensive electronic device plus the average cost of every eBook you want to read. In that case, the hard copy wins, since you don’t need anything to read it on.

Benefit 3: Preventing Memory Loss

When you are concerned about dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, you should read real books as much as possible. With a hard copy book, you can grab it to read a few pages while television commercials are on. Alternatively, if you have children who can’t seem to maintain focus for extended amounts of time, then providing real paper books for them can improve their cognitive abilities, as they won’t be tempted to jump into an electronic game your e-reader could provide. Additionally, tackling a hard copy book may help your memory and cognitive abilities absorb the material in a way eBooks will not.

Benefit 4: Devoted Readers Are Less Likely To Get Into Drugs

Readers are less likely to get into drugs because with books they can escape from reality for a bit, they provide distraction and educational opportunities they’ll enjoy. A book can be a particularly subtle way to bring your teenager back from harmful activities. Since they don’t like to be nagged and will respond better if you’re in command of your emotions, you can approach them with other ways to engage them, and therefore, take away time that they could be drinking or smoking. If you have the time, consider starting a small family book club with them, buying them their own hardback copies of books teens are bound to find interesting (for example, we’re fan of this book for its compelling and complicated themes). If you’re a little pressed for money, libraries often have book club sets to borrow as well.

Benefit 5: Learning About a Variety Of Different Things

When looking for books at either the store or the library, you’re exposed to everything there. From staff picks to bestsellers, to more obscure titles. It’s different from shopping online for an eBook, which can lead you around in similar circles, and thus not encourage you to branch out. Go to your local library or bookstore, strike up a conversation with a bookkeeper or librarian, you never know what they can recommend to you. It might just be your next new favorite.

Have a Reading Area In Your Home

Make sure to create a reading area in your home where you and your children have a few or a thousand favorite hard copy books. Have a relaxing chair and pillows in that area so that anyone can enjoy reading a real book, and maintain an atmosphere and space free of electronics, helping you feel unplugged.


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