As a parent, there are certain stages we go through with our children. One stage that seems to hit every kid at one point or another is fear of the doctor. This might be because of numerous reasons, such as fear of pain that might be the result of exams or shots. Luckily there are books that will boost your child’s confidence about the doctor’s office and bring some much-needed relief to your peace of mind.

The Berenstain Bears Go To The Doctor

There are many reasons kids might be scared of going to the doctor; sometimes they get shots with big needles and the others times, they’re subject to examinations that happen within their personal space. If you want to combat this feeling, maybe gift your child “The Berenstain Bears Go To The Doctor” by Stan and Jan Berenstain. It’s a book about the regular check-ups. It should help your kid establish the expectation that they will be going to the doctor regularly and that this will be a good thing for their overall health.

Hangry Monster
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Doctor Maisy

Sometimes, kids go to the doctor when they are feeling bad, and the natural fear and anxiety that they regularly have is heightened. But, to get better, it must be communicated that a doctor’s visit will be necessary. To try and cement this concept to them, try giving your child a book like “Doctor Maisy” by Maisy Books, to help your child recognize the benefits of going to the doctor. Here we show Maise pretend to be a doctor to better the condition of one of her stuffed animals. It’s a positive depiction of doctors that will certainly boost the confidence of children facing a doctor’s visit when they aren’t feeling so well.

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?

Perhaps the most relevant book of the lot is “How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?” by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. This book is about a frightened dinosaur who finally overcomes his fears and visits the doctor to get the treatment he needs. This dinosaur is stubborn and reluctant, so it will be an excellent opportunity for children to recognize their behavior in him, and hopefully, when they see his small journey, they will be a bit more reasonable about the whole ordeal.

It is natural for kids to be scared of the dreaded doctor visits. Once they have gone to the visit, they will wonder why they were afraid in the first place. By reading these books, children will grow out of their fear of the doctor. Do keep in mind that at times, children have a legitimate concern of the doctor that could be born from genuine malpractice or genuine bad experiences that will need to be addressed. According to medical malpractice lawyers, if you suspect that a doctor performs negligent actions or inactions in regards to your child, you should probably investigate the situation for both your child’s health and other children’s’ as well.