Morteza Javid, Memory king of the world

Morteza Javid has broken the world record of "memorizing the most 3-digit numbers" for memorizing 90 digits in just 30 seconds.

By doing exercises, we can increase our mental strength up to 10 times.”
— Morteza Javid

TEHRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN, January 10, 2021 / -- Morteza Javid
• nicknamed the Memory King of Iran
• the only Iranian record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records in the field of memory
• the founder of LWF and IMT methods for unforgettable learning foreign languages vocabulary, with the registration number of 1429,
• the inventor of the fastest unforgettable method of learning foreign language conversations with the Substitution Drill method
• and the inventor of new techniques to improve memory, intelligence, and creativity.

So far, he has had more than 30 best-selling products in the fields of language, memory, and psychology.

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The Iranian genius, who managed to break the record of a German on February 10, 2019, and set the Guinness record as the first Iranian memory record in the world, was awarded the Guinness Certificate in the international seminar with the presence of David Thomas (Memory Man of the World).

Once again he has broken the world record of "memorizing the most 3-digit numbers” belonging to an Indian in the presence of Guinness International experts and has memorized 90 digits in just 30 seconds and recite them immediately.

Master Morteza Javid on the sidelines of this record-breaking and in a conversation with reporters stated that: “People with a lot of training in clubs can get their body in shape, so we must prepare our minds by doing training, likewise.”

"By doing exercises, we can increase mental strength up to 10 times," he said about brain exercises during life.

The Memory King of Iran and the only Iranian memory record holder in Guinness believes that there are 200 techniques that we can use to do brain training exercises. These techniques will help us to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's and achieve more success in various fields.

“These exercises should be intermittent for the brain, and because we do not want to spend time doing exercises all our lives, it is necessary to repeat each technique quickly every day so that these exercises become part of our being.” Master Morteza Javid said.

“When techniques become a habit, our minds will be fully prepared. Numerous scientific papers have pointed out that from the age of 45 onwards, the brain shrinks and degrades, and other cells do not replace brain cells, but with intermittent exercise, the power of learning can be enhanced in old age; In fact, it is possible to regenerate the brain with exercise, which can be done at any moment,” he said.

I thank God that I have been able to serve the dear people of my country and help them to improve the skills of mind, language, and life in more than 20 books I wrote and translated.

If you decide to improve your personnel's memory if you want Morteza Javid to be a lecturer in your seminars.

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