From a bad boy past, ALEX Hunt was headed for life on the wrong side of the tracks until a new calling took him to new heights.

GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, January 14, 2021 / -- Alex Hunt (22) who is well respected in the business world and an influence to many people, didn’t always have high hopes. From a bad boy past, Hunt was headed for life on the wrong side of the tracks until a new calling took him to new heights.

Hunt, who grew up in a small metropolis town of Newcastle, Australia left behind a life that wasn’t looking too good for him. From school suspensions, police visits, gangs and violence, Hunt said “I don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t made that life change years back. I'd probably be locked up or struggling to find a job”.

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Hunt moved out of home to the Gold Coast to set his sites on bigger business opportunities. He had started his first business at 14 and since then has grown in the business world as a role model and influence to others wishing to get into business. Hunt is now the acting CEO of the Hunt Retail Group, a small digital and consulting agency group that delivers business services to people all around the world.

“I never liked school and besides from all the suspensions and expulsion warnings, I kept my grades high. I guess during that time I got caught up on the wrong side of the tracks outside of school with bad people doing bad things. I guess I had to see the bad side of life to understand that’s not how I wanted to live.” Hunt said in a statement.

"I was young and rebellious and didn't know better" He said. Hunt has been trying to forget and leave that old life behind. "I often go back there to visit my parents and people still know who I am instantly. I had this one random guy say “oh I’ve heard of you before”. It was the best decision moving”

If you want to check out his company you can visit it here or follow his instagram at @itsalexhunt.

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