Perfect Rotation, LLC Training Ball

Perfect Rotation, LLC Training Ball

by Fran Briggs

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, January 16, 2021 / -- San Francisco Bay Area’s Mitchell Adams was working with a medicine ball with indented handles (an exercise ball he used to strengthen his hands), when he marveled: What if I designed a ball that could deliver the perfect rotation when shooting a basketball?

That was in December, 2016. Adams was lying on his couch after being challenged to a game of basketball with his sons.
While shooting the medicine ball in the air, he realized his hand ended up on the flat surface of the ball resulting in a shot with a perfect rotation. He says that was the precise moment when the ‘light bulb’ came on.

Since then, Mitchell Adams’ idea has manifested into design and patent; to prototype, trademark, and a training ball that creates a perfect symmetrical backspin when shot.

Adams, who is also a former NFL agent, credits his master’s degree in sports management from the University of San Francisco for his ability to navigate his unfamiliar journey to bringing a product from idea to market and launching it as a business. He is the principal owner at Perfect Rotation, LLC.

Accompanied with a series of instructional videos on the company’s website, Perfect Rotation is changing the way basketball players from all levels train and develop. He is quick to add that not everybody who plays basketball is taught how to shoot.

“From youth, recreational leagues, high school and beyond, people are just throwing or pushing the ball up without the finger flick,” explained Mitchell Adams. “Whether you're a youth, an elite athlete, or anywhere in between, the Perfect Rotation basketball can help teach you to shoot, or improve your shot.”

The training ball weighs four pounds and can alternatively be used for dribbling, passing, and other workout drills. Perfect Rotation Jr. is scheduled to hit the market in spring, 2021. It weighs 2.5 pounds and was developed for training youth up to 13-years-old.

“My sons work with the training ball for a few minutes daily, then they go in the back yard and shoot. All I hear is swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh,” he added. “They have developed a better shot and deeper range.”

The training didn’t stop with his sons. “I shared the ball with a neighborhood kid who plays high school basketball” explained Adams. “After training with it and then switching it out for a regular basketball, he hit a long shot and said, ‘Wow, this really works.’”

Mitchell Adams says that learning the importance of the finger flick when shooting makes the game more enjoyable. He says the objective is to train with the Perfect Rotation training ball, then pick up a regular basketball and apply the mechanics.

Perfect Rotation has also caught the attention of AAU and highly-rated high school players; NCAA coaches; collegiate basketball players, as well as former NBA and WNBA players.

The Perfect Rotation basketball is a weighted training ball engineered with patented channels to aide in shooting. When used properly, it strengthens everything from fingertips to shoulder, improves shooting mechanics, and increases your shooting range. For additional information including how to order or access instructional videos, visit, or call 415.797.7163. Alternatively, Mitchell Adams can be reached at

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