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Get Your Fiat Pegged Tokens on Moneta’s Presale

In practice, that means users don't need a bank if, for example, they want to pay each other, perhaps with their phones.”
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 17, 2021 / -- When we talk about the crypto industry, decentralized finance is undoubtedly in the mainstream. Smart contracts have improved the efficiency of cryptocurrencies, making almost all bank activities possible on the blockchain.

Being afraid that your bank account could be blocked overnight "just because" is now history. With no centralized entity managing your assets, lending money is now a quicker process - and a safer one too.

And if you also want to join the Moneta hype, there's no better way than getting tokens on Moneta Holdings Presale.

What is a Moneta token, and how can you get it?

The Moneta Token is the newest cryptocurrency developed by Moneta Holdings, based on the ERC-20 protocol. This token opens the Moneta ecosystem doors, which makes the traditional banking and wealth management services completely decentralized.

That means forex markets, vaults, and even stock exchange. Using these tokens also brings the benefits of fiat pegging, each Moneta token having its fiat counterparts' properties. The tokens are:


To get Moneta tokens, you can join the presale or wait for them to be listed on major exchanges. But we recommend getting them as soon as you can, to benefit from the discounted price.

The presale started on February 15, and it will last until July 24. There are six tokens on the line, distributed in three rounds at different discounts:

Round 1 D-65% February 15, 2021 – March 24, 2021;
Round 2 D-45% March 24, 2021 – May 24, 2021;
Round 3 D-25% May 25, 2021 –July 24, 2021.

The quicker you get them, the better. Accepted payment methods are BTC, ETH, USDT.

Why Moneta?

It is true that Moneta is not the only Defi company out there and certainly not the last, but it stands out on various levels.

First of all, it is backed by experts in FinTech, cybersecurity, and capital markets.
Secondly, there are 195 countries supported by the Moneta project.
Finally, the roadmap shows the dedication and pure passion for the crypto business, striving for a more robust financial economy. By the end of 2021, the company plan to launch their proof of stake blockchain and Stabila - a real contender/rival to bitcoin.

You can find more information on Moneta's official website or its social media channels.

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