Have you ever seen someone so grouchy at everyone and everything? It seems that no one or nothing can do right. That is what happens to a boy in Hangry Monster. He can’t figure out what is going wrong. She yells at him, she yells at the swings, she yells at the world. The boy is afraid of losing his new friend. Then one day, he notices the one thing that defeats the Hangry Monster—food!! He learns to help her by bringing her the one thing the Hangry monster craves; something to eat. Soon the scowls turn to smiles, and the friends are playing once again.

Authors Masha Cheriakova and Georg Tanner have done an excellent job of capturing a young person’s emotions when they are faced with not understanding a situation. Kids will tend to overreact and lash out at everyone, even to the detriment of the relationships around them. Their friends don’t understand what is going on; even the child themselves may not fully grasp how they feel. It is difficult for both of them. That is until the trigger for the emotion is discovered. In this case, the girl’s rumbly tummy is the culprit. When the boy discovers this, he helps the girl understand her emotions and know how to overcome them in the future.

This story is an excellent way for kids to understand their emotions. That they are normal and just a part of life, helping them know that there are different ways to overcome the emotional outbursts before they occur. In the little girl’s case, food helps her defeat the Hangry Monster. It is also important to note that the boy did not give up on his friend. It would have been easy for him to walk away from the friendship, but he did not. He chose to stick around and be friends with her even though she seemed to be mean from time to time.

Kids need to learn that there is always a reason for a friend’s behavior. It can be that they are tired, a brother or sister being mean, or in this case, that they are just plain hungry. Teaching them to be a friend to everyone in spite of poor behavior is important because your child may one day be the one in need of a friend. If they have been friendly with others, then they will see others be friendly with them when they are the ones in need of a friend.

Hangry Monster

Hangry Monster

I get angry when I'm hungry!

A light, fun and beautifully illustrated children book about a very common feeling that can easily mess up a good time. Laugh and learn about the hangry monster inside you!

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About the Book

Do you know someone who always gets slightly irritable (or let’s be frank: very annoying!) when they did not have enough food? Or maybe that someone is you? It’s ok, we don’t judge … but this book is for you.“Hangry Monster” is a light and fun children book about a very common feeling that can easily mess up a good time. It is the feeling of being hangry: being irritable or angry because of hunger. Or in other words, it’s when a grumpy monster takes over.

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About the Author
Masha Cheriakova-Tanner

I am an author who has published multiple children and other books including 3 bestsellers. I am also a hangry monster, and since recently aware of it. I am a woman who loves nature, sports, painting, and people. I am a mother of two children, have written several children’s stories, a cookbook, travel guides, and themed adventure books. I am a mindfulness practitioner who wants to empower people to live in the now, moment-by-moment, not fearing the past or the future.

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