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As lockdown eases, Gymsters around the country can’t wait to get back to the gym but many are wondering if it's safe, or wise, to return as soon as they open

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Always make sure that your gym has an effective cleaning schedule in place and good hygiene practices in particular dispensers containing antibacterial wipes dotted around the gyms to ensure you have these available.

Each gym will have its own specific rules regarding distancing, numbers allowed in and wearing of face masks but with sanitizer and wipes on display, you can ensure your equipment is clean before you start.

Many gyms now have monitors on display which shows when last cleaning took place which is ideal.


If using Dumbbells, kettlebells, or any equipment, these have many areas that different people touch/grasp and need to be sanitised carefully to ensure germs are killed AND removed.


This is a simple process which if followed can help ensure that any germs or viruses are removed before you begin your session.

Sanitised your hands (with sanitiser or wash thoroughly). Then use anti bacterial wet wipes (ideally from a protected dispenser) to wipe away any residue - germs, virus etc and then wait until the equipment is completely dry before using. Then repeat the process when you have finished use.

It is hoped that the person before you will have been through the same process, but by repeating you can be confident that you have sanitized for your workout.


Great if you have, it does help but there is more than Corona Virus to be wary of and good cleaning practice is ongoing. Excellent article on Yahoo about why you should be cautious returning to the gym Even if you've had the Covid vaccination.


According to a survey by tap warehouse 10% of gym members never wash their gym clothes, and 44% wear the same sweaty gym gear more than once, with 7% of Brits waiting five or more times before washing their gym kit.

Gym cleanliness ranks among the most important factors in member happiness with services as the opposite is associated with high numbers of members who do not renew subscriptions and memberships. According to a survey conducted by IHRSA, they found that if a gym was considered unclean, customer satisfaction ratings fell from 83% to 43% and retention rates fell from 90% to 52%.


The Hygiene Company are the UKs leading producer of portable, surface and wall mounted antibacterial hand and surface wipes dispenser - the WIPEPOD. Availability is proven to increase compliance and the large antibacterial wipes it dispenses are ideal for gyms for not just cleaning but KILLING & REMOVING viruses, germs & bacteria from equipment after use.

The Hygiene Company covers all bases by offering dispensers that offer contactless sanitiser as well as antibacterial wipes in one stand, ensuring all options are covered.

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