Dr. Calvin Mackie

Students enjoying STEM activities.

Dr. Mackie and student build a robot.

STEM NOLA partners with New Orleans Pelicans, Chevron for STEM math activities and joins Jefferson Parish Schools to provide STEM learning to 3200 students

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It is important for STEM NOLA to intensify our STEM learning programs as much as possible to help fill in the gaps caused by disruptions during the school year. We are achieving that objective...”
— Dr. Calvin Mackie

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA , UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- STEM NOLA, a non-profit committed to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, is providing STEM learning to a wide range of K-12 students across the region this summer, helping children recoup some of the schooling lost when classes were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While providing both in-person and virtual summer camps to students throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, STEM NOLA also operated special programming through partnerships with the New Orleans Pelicans, Chevron and Jefferson Parish Schools.

“It is important for STEM NOLA to intensify our STEM learning programs as much as possible to help fill in the gaps caused by disruptions during the school year,” said Dr. Calvin Mackie, founder and president of STEM NOLA. “We are achieving that objective with innovative programing that continues our tradition of bringing STEM education into communities that need it most. Raising awareness of STEM can create pathways to quality jobs and careers for students in under-resourced communities.”

For instance, STEM NOLA partnered with the New Orleans Pelicans, Learn Fresh and Chevron Gulf of Mexico Business Unit to offer students a fun and unique STEM experience, "Scoring with STEM: Using the Game of Basketball to Learn STEM.”

STEM NOLA delivered basketball-themed STEM kits provided by Learn Fresh and NBA swag to 134 3rd through 8th graders across the region. Students learned about lung capacity and played NBA Math Hoops, a program helping students learn fundamental math skills through the game of basketball. Nationwide, 82 percent of eighth graders from low-income families are not proficient in math. Through NBA Math Hoops, students often develop an appreciation and love for math.

The highlight of the day for each student and facilitator was building their own miniature basketball arena complete with fans, lights and sensors that activated fan noise when a basket was made from the attached catapult. “My son had a great time today, thank you to all the sponsors and facilitators! I sat nearby and learned a few new things myself. We never would have gotten this experience in our small community if it weren't for virtual events like this one,” said one parent following the event.

“This is why digital access and STEM engagement are important,” said Dr. Mackie. “Thanks to sponsors, like AT&T and Entergy, we were able to make our virtual programming possible when COVID shut down in-person events. We are grateful to expand our partnerships with organizations like the New Orleans Pelicans, Chevron and the NBA. Collectively, we can work together to bring STEM education to a generation of children.”

STEM NOLA also partnered with Jefferson Parish Schools (JP Schools) to engage thousands of students in specialized STEM programming during the school district’s first ever Summer Bridge Program that is set to end this week.

STEM NOLA provided tools to offer STEM instruction to at least 3,200 students during the month-long Jefferson Summer Bridge and offered training for teachers, who learned how to better expose and inspire students in STEM. The goal was to tackle STEM issues and challenges facing students in Jefferson Parish communities and emphasize the technical skills needed in the 21st century to prepare them for quality jobs and careers in STEM-related fields.

During the STEM enrichment program, students participated in hands-on and technology-based STEM activities from June 8th until June 30th. In addition to the weekly themed STEM activities, students built their own boats, cars and rockets, while engaging in analysis, trials and discussion of the scientific and engineering theories applied.

“Our goal is to provide students with the learning they need to be successful. Due to school closures in March 2020 and pandemic-related learning disruptions, students may have experienced learning losses,” said JP Schools Superintendent James Gray. “This year, our teachers, support staff, and administrators have stepped up to meet our students where they are and provide quality teaching and learning. However, it was important that we continued to provide accelerated learning opportunities to students this summer.”

Thanks to sponsors, such as Entergy, Dr. Mackie created STEM NOLA in 2013 and brought STEM into New Orleans communities with hands-on programs at churches, schools and community centers. When COVID-19 struck, he adjusted and expanded virtual offerings so the learning would continue. In the last seven years, STEM NOLA has impacted 65,000 students, 17,000 families and 2,150 schools. With more corporations poised to sponsor initiatives, STEM NOLA programs are expanding. The non-profit is rapidly growing and will soon rebrand to STEM Global Action, with a formal announcement in July.
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