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The fact that I wrote this book during the pandemic proves that if you want to make the universe laugh, make a plan and listen to yourself.”
— Dr. Joshua Estrin

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Shut Up and Listen to Yourself 2.0 by Dr. Joshua Estrin is now available for pre-order on Audible and iTunes. The book is the long anticipated sequel to Dr. Estrin’s popular Shut Up and Listen to Yourself!. Drawn from Dr. Estrin’s immensely popular Instagram videos, Shut Up and Listen to Yourself 2.0 fine tunes the concept first originated by Dr. Estrin in 2004. The audio book is narrated by Dr. Estrin. The core concepts from Shut Up and Listen to Yourself!, remain; no one likes to be stifled, silenced, or feel as if they are merely a participant rather than the leading player in their life. No one likes to hear:

• “Shut up, that’s a stupid idea...”
• “Shut up, your opinions don’t matter...”
• “Shut up, you are not important...”
• “Shut up, you have no idea what you are talking about!”

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Shut Up and Listen to Yourself 2.0 will allow you to take your life to the next level and stop listening to others and start listening to who counts, - yourself.

A fair question that I have been asked is, “What makes Shut Up and Listen to Yourself 2.0 different, said Dr. Joshua Estrin. “While I still believe in the Shut Up Philosophy, I have had 20 more years to live and breathe it and, in the process, fine-tune it.

“The world has changed, and so in response, the lessons need to continue to be more relevant and revealing,” concluded Estrin. The fact that I wrote this book during the pandemic proves that if you want to make the universe laugh, make a plan and listen to yourself.

You can call him Joshua Estrin, Josh, or even Dr. Estrin because he’s the same short guy with no shortage of big ideas. The result of two loving yet dysfunctional parents who still managed to raise an over-achiever with a solid moral compass. Estrin has spent decades being over-educated, underestimated, and delighting in his ongoing and contentious relationship with the status quo.

Groomed to take over the family business. Josh realized construction was a dirty job so he turned his clinical eye on another mess – Digital Marketing and Social Media. Where he unapologetically crushes his competition but does so without leaving a wake of human carnage in his path. Josh’s advanced degree in Human Behavior and a Ph.D. in Statistical Analysis have allowed him to look into the face of humanity and ask the question, WTF?

Driven by a belief that kindness is a superpower and sarcasm a defense he always makes time to live his “Shut Up! philosophy while encouraging others to do the same.

With a dash of insight, a splash of glitter, and a heaping portion of love. Josh explores all things inspirational and motivational ensuring he breaks more than a few rules along the way. He has appeared on FOX News Channel, Huffington Post, and numerous media outlets across the world for his insightful, witty, humorous yet informative insights.

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