The well-seasoned educator discussed how he uses his profession to leave a positive impact on the lives of his students, colleagues, and the community.

As an educator, it helps me to keep things in the proper perspective and to be mindful of the role I play on these young and impressionable minds.”
— Caston Binger

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, USA, August 4, 2021 / -- It is with great honor that Caston Binger announces his participation in an interview that was published online on July 7, 2021. During the interview, he has shared how he started out as an educator and how it enabled him to pursue his passion to help other people live better lives.

During the first part of the interview, he mentioned starting as a YMCA youth counselor who was responsible for helping students in accomplishing their projects and homework. That was the time when he began to develop a passion for working with students. Now, after teaching students for more than 14 years, he has stepped up, taking the role of Teacher on Special Assignment in the Rochester City School District.

When asked about what makes him successful, he says, “I believe that good leaders are constant and consistent learns. Therefore, I’m always reading to make sure that I’m continuously staying informed on new strategies and practices in education.” On the other hand, answering a question of whether there was a time when he had any doubts about his chosen career, he said that it is exactly and will always be what he wanted in life. And when faced with challenges, he’d always motivate and remind himself of the positive outcomes of his efforts as a teacher.

Furthermore, he also shared how the pandemic has challenged the education system. According to Caston, they had to make a lot of adjustments as there were no “how-to” books to guide them in dealing with the situation. It compelled them to create innovative action plans that will help them continuously deliver quality education despite the lockdowns.

Taking his role seriously, he makes sure that what he does helps set up a brighter future for the children. “Things like one’s culture and upbringing have a huge impact on who they become. As an educator, it helps me to keep things in the proper perspective and to be mindful of the role I play on these young and impressionable minds,” Caston explains.

Aside from continuously guiding students and helping the school towards success, Caston says that he is looking at expanding the services being offered by his home renovations business.

For those who want to know more about Caston Binger or reach out to him for mentorship, you can visit his official website.

Born in Niagara Falls, New York, Caston Binger is an educator with extensive teaching experience for more than 14 years. He took up a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at the State University of New York and furthered his studies at Niagara University where he received her master’s degrees in School Administration & Supervision and in School Leadership.

Currently holding the Teacher on Special Assignment role, Caston Binger is responsible for providing support to both students and staff of his elementary school at the Rochester City School District.

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