Ecomasters is an exciting adventure that grabs you from page one. Donna Goodman has a unique way of allowing you to fall in love with thirteen-year-old Coral and her ‘bear of a dog’ Peeve. Perhaps it is her first-person narrative. I have always personally stayed away from them, but with Ecomasters, the style fits perfectly. Within this story, you get to see how Coral feels about her relationships with her father, her missing mother, her mountain of a dog, and the friends she makes along the way.

Ecomasters is set in present-day and takes the view of what happens when we neglect our environment. The story addresses issues like Global Warming and Industrial Pollution. While these terms are not directly mentioned, they are strongly seasoned throughout the story, and readers can easily read between the lines. They are addressed because Coral’s father is the owner of a construction business and he is holding secret meetings with individuals in his home. A friend of Coral’s is sick because of the pollution in the neighborhood from the construction. They are also address because of the perpetual heatwave across the world.

The story’s secondary plot is Coral is tired of being cooped up in the home and seeks refuge outdoors every moment she can. She is ignored by her father, saying it is unsafe outdoors but never giving a reason why. She starts to sneak out, making her way past her father, the building’s doorman, and eventually a bodyguard. But after a package arrives at her doorstep, her life changes forever. It is a compass, but not an ordinary compass. It holds magical powers and takes her anywhere she wishes. Coral becomes an Ecomaster, The Pathfinder. This gift guides her on an adventure across the world to find others like her to save the planet.

Along her way, she finds three others who possess a gift like her own. The three of them are led by Miriam, their guide to a Iluminada, where they are tasked with saving the environment. They all have unique gifts that, when used together, provide the means to communicate with nature. Book One ends with them all together in New York when Peeve bumps into a mysterious woman in blue in a park. She tells them to be careful. Apologizing, thinking the woman is speaking of Peeve getting in the way of her running, she says she was not talking to the dog, then disappears. Moments later, a bright blue flash ends the book.

Goodman made this book exciting. It was a thrilling ride from page one. As I read through it, it had the feel of A Wrinkle in Time. I haven’t had a book be that much of a page-turner in a long time, this had me flipping pages all day. I loved how inventive Coral was with how she traveled back and forth, each time was better than the last—poor Miriam. I will be looking for Book Two to continue this series and see how Coral and her friends resume their adventure.

Ecomasters A Planet in Peril: Book One The Pathfinder

Ecomasters A Planet in Peril: Book One The Pathfinder

an eco-friendly young adult book

Urgently needing to join their unique elemental powers, four girls from four continents fight evil forces and use to get to a hidden island in Amazonia to hone their skills.

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About the Book

On this blistering day in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave in NY, deeply held secrets of the past are disclosed to Coral, breaking open the shell of her cloistered upper class Manhattan reality, to reveal the mysterious truth of her mother Sophia’s disappearance so many years ago, dissolving into time as if it were only yesterday. A gift, neatly wrapped, at her doorstep becomes the first clue in an unfolding breathtaking global adventure transporting Coral to find her new teammates in some of the more remote corners of the world to fulfill her destiny. As ‘pathfinder’, Coral’s quest to find the others, will lead her to experience colorful cultural settings, perils and opportunities for inspiration all over the world.

Coral is full of brilliance and courage and she instinctively understands that the Ecomasters hold the key to the future of humankind on our planet, but, she does not always know how to engage with her peers and has very limited travel experience, resulting in a number of lighthearted blunders and cultural snafus along the way. The challenges faced by Coral, Hope, Angoori and Phonepasit are similar to the challenges of every reader. Girls, and boys all over the world today have a deep inner understanding for why they are here, but can use ‘real-life’ role models who make mistakes and get messy while getting the job done is key!

Series: Ecomasters
Genres: Children's Book, Magic and Fantasy, Magic and Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Isabella Media Inc
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback
Length: 198 pages
Illustrator: Luisa Faletti
ASIN: 1735725617
ISBN: 9781735725611

List Price: 16.99
Ecomasters: A Planet in Peril Book One: The Pathfinder gives young adult sci-fi fans a satisfyingly engrossing read and revolves around thirteen-year-old New York City girl Coral, who faces difficulties to her young life on many levels. The city's water supply may be contaminated and has caused her best friend Jasper to become ill, her mother has vanished, her father is involved in questionable business activities, and Coral is just tired of it all. When she stumbles on an opportunity to travel through time with her dog Peeve with other girls who also hold special abilities, Coral finds herself challenged in a different way. One approach which makes this story a standout is Donna L. Goodman's use of the first-person and her attention to reinforcing Coral's character, determination, and observations: "When I get back to the building, Mr. Dobbins eyes me like a puppy who just peed in the house again. I start to lower my head, and then realize I don't care what he thinks. I have important things to do, too important to waste time feeling bad." From her goal of getting to Illuminada to interacting with peers and the Ecomasters who will play a big role in the future of humanity, Coral adopts a proactive approach to life that embraces not just successes, but failures as she learns about different cultures, new forms of interaction, and the importance of using role models to learn new skills. Under Goodman's hand, climate change issues assume both a fantasy element and a personal connection that places Coral and friend Miriam in surprisingly key roles usually reserved for adults. The result is a story that is multifaceted and engrossing. It's as much a tale of assuming responsibility and learning from new life circumstances as it is a tale of one girl's newfound mission to heal both the world and her life in an unusual way. Teen readers looking for action, adventure, and a sense of growth and social responsibility will find Ecomasters: A Planet in Peril Book One: The Pathfinder just the ticket for a thought-provoking read that operates on more than one level.
– Mid West Book Review
A truly inspiring and relevant read in today's context of climate change and water scarcity. A must read for young children and adults alike, who aspire find their voice and bring about heart centered, courageous change to protect and preserve our mother earth and its inhabitants.
‘EcoMasters’ would be a good book for middle school Science and Social studies. Teachers could use the book to teach or just to introduce the basics of ecology and how it effects the society as a whole.
The series possesses elements of magic, using the natural and scientific principles of water to create a world of magical realism. Donna believes reading is a fundamental process for young people to expand their dreams. She envisions a final series of five books and multimedia adaptation.
About the Author
Donna L Goodman

Donna L Goodman, author of Ecomasters has spent her life and career in service to Mother Earth and her Children. As a young girl herself in rural Connecticut, Donna explored forests and waterways and tried a time or two to dig her way to China!!! As an adult with more than 15 years as Environment focal person in water, sanitation and hygiene as well as climate change for UNICEF in more than 60 countries; experience founding and leading global non-profit organization, Earth Child Institute and in the Private Sector as Program Director of Swarovski Waterschool in 7 countries, as Executive Producer of Netflix film "Waterschool", her experience and passion to connect and help the children of the Earth to empower one another are her reason for writing ECOMASTERS.

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