Developing a love of reading in your child is one of the best things that you can do as a parent. Regular reading builds comprehension and communication skills, boosts vocabulary, and opens up a whole new world of exploration for your child. While some kids may resist reading, there are steps that you can take to encourage them to make reading a daily habit. Here are four tips to help you to incentivize your child to do their reading.

Pick Books the Child Enjoys

The key to instilling a love of reading is finding books that your child will find engaging and interesting. Finding a series that your child enjoys will encourage them to keep reading. Boys generally gravitate toward books of adventure or humorous graphic novels. Girls tend to enjoy books that highlight people like themselves. Let your child be your guide when finding books that pique their interest.

Short-Term Rewards

Nothing motivates a child to do something that they are hesitant to do quite like a reward system. Short-term rewards will encourage them to keep working toward their reading goals. Ideas to consider include a trip for ice cream if they meet their weekly goal or perhaps a special outing with a friend if they meet the monthly goal? By providing these easily reachable goals, your child will begin to see the merits of becoming a regular reader.

Long-Term Rewards

In addition to short-term rewards, you should also consider instituting a long-term bonus. This is especially helpful during the summer months when it is critical that your child keeps reading outside of school. A trip at the end of the summer is a great way to reward a child for keeping with a summer reading program. Do your kids love Disney? Strategies exist for getting Disneyland tickets at heavy discounts, making it easy to incorporate this as a reward.

Always Praise the Effort

Savvy parents understand the importance of praising the effort over the result. Encouraging your child with words of affirmation will inspire them to keep pushing toward their goals. Developing characteristics of grit will teach them the importance of perseverance in the face of struggle. 

While it may seem like a challenge to stay on top of your child’s reading goals, the effort will pay off down the road. Developing solid reading skills at an early age will benefit all aspects of the educational process.
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Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska on Pexels