A Jesus Kinda Day: Devotional Journal By Penny Bellofatto

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Penny Bellofatto Brought Her Powerful Devotional Journal to the Frankfurt Book Fair 2021

LOS ANGELES, GERMANY, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The world’s largest trade fair for books is hot off the press! Frankfurt Book Fair 2021 has brought together transnational stars, noted best-selling authors, and up-and-coming artists. With more than 500 years of brimming highlights, the event continuously provides opportunities for visitors to know more about the publishing market, network, and business. This year, MainSpring Books sent no less than the best selections of literary works that the festival-goers have enjoyed!

Author Penny Bellofatto was presented by MainSpring Books through her devotional journal which was exhibited at the Book Fair. Serving as a Hope Chaplain for twenty years, Penny always had the passion to write for the Lord and spread His Word not only to those who have always believed in Him and His miracles, especially to those who have been lost – those who have turned their back on Him. Penny and her long-time boyfriend accepted Christ as their Savior in 1982 and were married in 1985. They both lived their married life with Christ as the center. Now, her heart’s true desire has finally come to fruition as everyone at the Fair was able to witness Christ through her book, which has many prayers and praises in it.

A Jesus Kinda Day is a devotional journal, and a powerful guide inspired by the author’s strong faith amidst her struggles brought about by her own loss. After her husband's passing, she channeled her pain into writing and publishing a devotional journal to inspire and encourage others by remembering God in their hearts. No one can ever be against them if they open their eyes again to see His mighty power. The book has bible quotes with notes of reflections by the author.

We at MainSpring Books Publishing passionately feel that A Jesus Kinda Day by Penny Bellofatto can be a great conduit to literacy concepts, especially for this upcoming colossal social and cultural event. It was a remarkable experience not just for us, but also for our avid readers – past, present, and future.
For more information about the event, go to https://www.buchmesse.de/en

Title: A Jesus Kinda Day: Devotional Journal
Author: Penny Bellofatto
ISBN: 978-1098076566
Genre: Religion
Marketed by: MainspringBooks

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