WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Therap's E-Tools workflow for Community Employment was and continues to be developed in concert with Therap users and Therap staff employment experts as part of Therap's Community Employment System. The E-Tools for preparing an individual to get a community job and supporting the individual once they have been hired include:

1. Application and Interview

- Application Submission Date
- Application Completed By
- Interview Date
- Employer
- Application Submission Date
- Interview With
- Type of Interview (1st, 2nd, In-Person, Phone)
- Interview Attended? (Yes, No)
- Job Offered? (Yes, No)
- Job Accepted by Individual? (Yes, No)
- Description (freeform)
- Attachment

2. Job Detail

- Individual
- Position Title (Freeform)
- Job Category (Agriculture. Business, Art, Education, etc.)
- Employer (From Job Bank)
- Employer Address
- Benefits
- Other Benefit
- Job Type (Paid, etc.)
- Job Status
- Job Start Date
- Job End Date
- Reason for Job Loss

3. Benefits Counseling

- Date
- Reason (Request, Job Change, Job Change, Job Start)
- Decision (Accepted, Declined, Provided, Other)
- Counseling Provided By
- Responsibility to Report Earnings
- Comments
- Attachments

4. Variance

- Variance Type (Individual Choice, Individual Choice with Team, Physically Unable, Retired, Other)
- Date
- Comments
- Attachments

5. Additional Information
- Date
- Comments
- Attachments

The E-Tools for Tracking and Supporting Community Employment provide effective and easily accessible tools to evaluate if an individual is achieving goals. In aggregate, these E-Tools comprise a program's Employment History. The Employment History provides an effective tool for evaluating if the E-Tools for assessment and skill development are coordinated with the Job Bank in respect to matching individuals goals, skills, jobs, and job accessibility. The specific tasks for Therap's Community Employment system can be used with Therap's service tracking system to track billable services and, if necessary, submit claims for those services.

By identifying and supporting successful employment, the community E-Tools are continually being developed and refined to work with Therap's job bank and facilitate working with individuals to achieve community employment.

For more information on Therap's community employment E-Tools go to https://www.therapservices.net/products/e-solution-for-voc-rehab-and-community-employment-services/

About Therap
Therap Services complete EHR solution for Human Services provides web-based documentation, communication, reporting, and electronic billing to over 7000 HCBS providers across the United States, in addition to supporting over 20 state government contracts. Learn more at www.TherapServices.net.

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