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Brandi Barnett

Brandi Barnett is originally from Macon, Georgia and currently resides in Texas. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Child & Family Development & Masters of Education in School Counseling from American Military University. She has explored the different aspects of education through her military service as a veteran, a spouse, and civilian employee to the USAF. During her military career, she services assisting the military, military spouses, and military dependents with enrollment into their classes with the use of tuition assistance. After being stationed at Luke AFB, AZ her love for completing her degree as a school counselor was paramount to her success. Prior to her relocation to Texas, Mrs. Barnett serviced two elementary schools in Laveen Elementary School District with campuses ranging from Preschool to 8th-grade students.
She has eloquently coined herself #counselorbee or #authoredschoolcounselor (due to her former students in AZ referring to her as Mrs. Brandi). It was during her visit during the Arizona School Counselor Conference on February 5, 2019, that she remembers the words and advice from award-winning, a children’s book author and parent expert Julia Cook, who has been referenced in publications as Parent’s Magazine, The New Yorker, Green Child Magazine and the Huffington Post, to name a few publications. Her words were: “You got this girl, there is only one you!” It was during that brief moment and email exchange of what to do to publish a book, the journey began with her shopping her idea around in support of Social Emotional Learning.
The goal behind Mrs. Barnett’s work is to actively promote the importance of the roles of the school counselor, the Special Education team, the school’s psychologist and the educators in support of Social Emotional Learning. Her stories are witty, charismatic and realistic. Each character is a reflection of real-life characters in her family brought to life through illustrations, although the story may be fictionalized for the readers. The inspiration for her books come from working with children, having children, and understanding there are voids in books available to help teach parents, educators, and children some of the essential social skills to be successful in this world. She is known for her phrase: “We need to remember we’re raising and teaching somebody’s mother/father, aunt/uncle, and somebody’s wife/husband.”
In her spare time, she enjoys writing future books, professional photography, watching movies, and spending time with her family!

Ryder the Biter

Ryder the Biter


A delightfully entertaining social-emotional learning picture book.

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