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Laura Strauss

Laura Strauss attended Southeastern Mass. University and graduated with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Elementary Education. In addition, she attended Northeastern University and graduated with a M.Ed. After a number of years working in the counseling field, she had a child and her search for a pre-school led her to discover the Montessori philosophy of education. Both of her sons attended pre-primary Montessori schools and this inspired Laura to train in this unique field. After a fulfilling 25 year career, she decided to set out on a new path. Laura combined her teaching and artistic talents and created a children’s book about a topic that she is passionate about.

Bee-Cause We Care: About Our Honey Bees

Bee-Cause We Care: About Our Honey Bees


Bee-Cause We Care tells the story of 2 worker bees that go out into the flower fields to forage for pollen to bring back to the hive. On their journey, they observe a farmer spraying dangerous pesticide on his flowers. The alarmed bees make it their mission to alert the farmer by enlisting the help of a few of his animals and eventually they save the bees in the hive.

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